Going Green with your Heating and Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioning Tallahassee unit “green?”  If you aren’t sure, contact Air Solutions. Our technicians will guide you toward the unit that’s right for both your family and the planet. Not sure whether this type of system is right for you? Consider the following facts.

  • A high SEER rating can represent hundreds of dollars saved. Though the initial investment may be higher than a less efficient alternative, your electric bill will immediately plummet thanks to increased efficiency. Over time, you’ll save money and the environment.
  • R22 freon is becoming a refrigerant of the past and is being replaced with ozone friendly 410A freon. Due to the R22 freon phase-out, units that once thrived on the substance will now be obsolete. If yours falls into this category, select an energy efficient alternative.
  • Keep in mind that bigger is not always better.  If you purchase an HVAC system without doing needed research, you could wind up with a unit that isn’t right for your home or business.  Buying “off the rack” at a big box store is rarely a sound idea.
  • When installed correctly, high SEER units live up to their billing. Ask us how a York, Trane or Mitsubishi system can make a difference regarding your indoor air quality. We’ll suggest a system that’s right for your home or business and make sure it delivers as promised.

Select a “green” system and ensure that it’s in high working order. Call Air Solutions today at 850-574-1010. 

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