HVAC Questions – FAQs

Do you have an HVAC question about your air conditioner or heating system? Below, Air Solutions provides answers to commonly asked questions about HVAC systems. 

Common HVAC Questions:

What is HVAC?

A heating, ventilation, and air condition system (HVAC) delivers heating and cooling services to homes and commercial buildings. 

How long will an HVAC system last?

HVAC systems generally last between 10 to 15 years. Furthermore, regular maintenance helps maximize the lifetime functioning of your system.

How often should I have my heating and air conditioning system serviced?

Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy recommend having your system serviced twice a year. Air Solutions can customize a maintenance plan to your needs. READ MORE . . .

Can I do anything to improve the air quality and circulation?

One simple thing you can do is make sure your air filters are changed on a regular basis. In addition, wiping the vents also helps. Additionally, call Air Solutions for professional HVAC service. (850) 933-8610.

Is it necessary to change air filters on a regular basis?

It is necessary to change the filters in order for  your system to operate at its optimal level. In addition, it also helps to decrease the amount of dust, germs, and allergens in the air.

There is mold on my vents. What’s causing that? What can I do?

Mold often grows on vents when the temperature of the vent is lower than the surrounding air and causes condensation. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example, poor duct design, dirty filters, lack of maintenance, excessive indoor water vapor. Accordingly, Air Solutions can clean and inspect the system to ensure it is working properly.

My air conditioner (or furnace) stopped working. What should I do?

You should check and make sure the furnace or air handler is on. Also, make sure the breakers are on and the thermostat is set correctly. After that, if the problem isn’t resolved, call us at Air Solutions.

 What is a programmable thermostat?

Programmable thermostats are electronic systems which allow you to program when to either raise or lower the temperature at different times of the day. then, once it is programmed, you don’t have to think about it. You can also do this when you’re away from your home. In addition, they are more efficient than thermostats that use mercury.

Finally, should room vents and doors that aren’t being used be shut?

This is not recommended because HVAC systems are designed to service a specific number of square feet. Closing vents and doors disrupts the airflow and as a result,  the system has to work harder.

 Why should I call Air Solutions?

Our technicians are insured and licensed. As a locally owned company we are committed to providing superior service and products. You can be confident your HVAC system is in good hands. Whether it’s a repair, installation, emergency or routine maintenance, we look forward to working with you. Give us a call at (850) 933-8610.


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